Monthly General Meetings

On the second Thursday of each month (January to November), we gather as an entire group at Faith Baptist Church, in Huntsville. The highlight is listening to a thought-provoking keynote speaker, chosen from a broad range of backgrounds, interests and expertise. We take a break from meetings in December as holiday and family plans are usually pretty hectic in that month.

The  various upcoming  activities, events, club business and communitly messages are also featured. And, we always ensure time to socialize with friends, old and new.

Safety Protocols:

Please be assured that your Management Team will be following protocols provided by the most recent Canadian Health Guidelines.

Each meeting follows the same general format:

The agenda will be amended as necessary at the president's discretion. All the reports are brief, and take up only a couple of minutes.

Members should always bring three things with them to meetings: their name tags, calendars and cheque books. This allows them to be known, to check their availability for events, and to pay for events at the time they sign up. 

Members are advised to bring their own mugs or cups as none will be available at the meeting.

Management Team Meetings

Management team meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month.