Probus Club of Muskoka North

Speaker Details

Speaker:Michael Walmsley
Topic:Streetscapes ~ A Journey Through Huntsville’s History Via its Street Signs

During our COVID Challenges of 2020-2021, then PROBUS Club of Muskoka North President, Michael Walmsley, filled some of his forced down-time by researching the names of the various streets and roadways of Huntsville.  His findings formed the basis of what club members came to know as “Streetscapes” included in his weekly missives to members - Sunday Scribblings.  The Huntsville Doppler online news source approached Michael to have some of his street information published weekly under the title of Streetscapes.  The writings were eventually published in book form and sold in local establishments as “Streetscapes - A Journey Through Huntsville’s History Via its Street Signs”.

At our upcoming March meeting, Michael will be taking us on a winding journey by way of some of those street signs.  You’ll need to fasten your seatbelts and be ready to navigate some revealing, interesting, poignant, and even hysterical Huntsville history as we follow some of the characters from our town’s past on their journeys through life that earned them a place on our present street signage.  The presentation will include some rare photos that will put faces and places to the names that we currently see displayed on our street corners.